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Christine Fiorentino

About Me

Hi! I’m home chef, food writer, and culinary creative Christine Fiorentino. I'm the creator of Three Birds One Stove, a platform for home cooks that focuses on home cooking, recipes and kitch tips, and feeling confident in the kitchen. I'm a wife to the best guy and mama to the sweetest and sassiest girl, and the name Three Birds One Stove comes from where you can find my family: huddled around the stove cooking, eating, laughing, and creating memories. To the core, I'm an entrepreneurial and artistic soul, and the kitchen is the heart of my home.

I've been cooking since I could stand on a chair at three years old, and I'm very serious about having endless fun in the kitch. I create and share feel good, family friendly recipes that nourish the appetite, heart, and soul, and I'm always hungry to learn more. My style of cooking is wholesome comfort food with a farm to table approach and a hearty dose of nostalgia. I'm also your girl for tips and tricks that promise to make your time in the kitchen as enjoyable, memorable, and fun as possible.


Cooking is how I express my love and sensuality. I believe that food heals and comforts, cooking is art, and that coming together for a meal can unify, bond, and soothe the heart and soul. I want my food and recipes to feel like a warm and welcoming hug, because cooking has a unique power to connect us across space and time. As a reiki therapist, I also provide an extra serving of love by infusing reiki energy into my food.


My professional journey has been a wild ride. I switched careers at 32 years old, leaving behind a decade-long teaching career to pursue my passion for cooking and food media full-time. I went from being an established educator to starting over as a 32-year-old pregnant intern at a food media company. I haven't looked back for one split second. As I grow this platform, I enjoy sharing my story in hopes of supporting and inspiring others. My career now brings me constant joy and fulfillment, as I connect with people across the world through food, cooking, and creativity every single day. There's nothing better than waking up and feeling super excited and passionate about what you do!


I'm proof that if you welcome the practice of manifestation into your life, it can play an empowering and transformative role, and that with passion, hard work, authenticity, and persistence, anything is possible. It’s never too late to embrace who you are and what you really want. I invite you to feel connected, supported, and welcome in this space, and to feel hungry...for delicious food and this beautiful ride called life.

Love and Light,


Kitchen Morning Glow
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